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Termite Control in Dubai

To safeguard your house or place of business from termites, Golden Touch Pest Control employs highly skilled and cutting-edge termite control techniques. Unbeknownst to many, termite damage is an increasingly common problem in Dubai, and termite control treatments are crucial to avoid catastrophic and costly damage. Preventive (pre-construction termite treatment) and exterminate (post-construction termite treatment) are the two categories of termite control measures (Post-Construction Anti-Termite Treatment). Preventive methods of termite management are recommended over extermination methods because they are less difficult, expensive, and unpleasant.


To stop termites from harming your home, we employ a number of strategies. Our technical experts will:

Drilling and Injection Method: At a depth of 450-650 mm, we will drill holes that are 18 mm in diameter every 1-1.5 meters along your flooring.

Then, to build a pesticide barrier against upcoming termites, we will inject a termiticide solution under pressure into these holes.

Direct Application: To stop termite attacks, we will directly administer pesticide (termiticide) to the exterior, interior, and foundation of your home.

Injecting liquid insecticide into foundations, foundation walls, and concrete slabs is a component of our termite treatment strategy.

Symptoms of a termite infestation

Have you ever observed any tiny sawdust heaps close to your house? or strewn across the ground like wings? These two indications point to a potential termite infestation. Other indications include:

  • Outside of your house, mud tubes are created by termites as they move back and forth between their nest and your house. These tubes can be found on the porch, foundation, or other parts of your home. They are typically the width of a pencil.
  • Damaged wood: Because termites consume wood, they can seriously harm your home’s structure. If you find holes or fissures in wood furniture or beams, it can be a symptom of termites.
  • Swarms: As they reproduce and establish new colonies, several termite species will swarm in the early spring. If you notice a lot of insects buzzing around your property, termites may be present.

How do we work to get rid of Termites?

If termite colonies are not managed, they can do significant harm to your house. You can take the following actions to help get rid of them:

  1. Keep your home clear of clutter and debris to prevent their proliferation.
  2. Look for leaks in your home’s plumbing and faucets and fix them. In damp places, termite populations can increase.
  3. Conduct routine inspections of your wooden structures to look for termite damage.
  4. Termite control should be performed before floor construction if you are constructing a new home.
  5. Maintain a wide space between the wooden framework of your home and the ground. Since they can’t tunnel up to it, termites won’t be able to.
  6. Make it challenging for them to enter your home’s wood.

To assist in getting rid of them, you may also get in touch with experts like us.To decide the best course of action for eliminating the termites, we will thoroughly inspect your house and other property.

Why Choose Us?

Termites can be controlled by Golden Touch Pest Control in Dubai. You may rely on the expertise we’ve gathered by being the go-to resource for a neighborhood termite treatment service for many years.

Why Choose Us

How we help to keep termites out of your home

If a termite invasion is not discovered early and treated right away, it could seriously harm your home. Since termites are drawn to damp wood, regions around your home that are perpetually damp are more prone to experience termite issues. There are a few things you can do to keep termites out of your home or the area around it:

– Immediately fix any plumbing leaks to lessen the amount of moisture in the air around your home.

– Get rid of any food sources, such as woodpiles, that are close to your house.

– Check the foundation of your house frequently for any fractures or gaps that termites could enter through.

– To fend off termites, keep wooden furniture at least 18 inches from the ground.

By taking these easy precautions, you can help stop termites from invading your home and causing further damage.

Techniques for preventing termites

The species of termite, the severity of the infestation, and the location of the nest all influence the best technique of termite pest control.

Baiting: Baiting is the most popular termite treatment technique, and it entails surrounding property with bait stations. A slow-acting poison that kills termites after they consume it is distributed in baiting stations around the perimeter of the property. Termites will continue to eat the bait during this time, which is normally a few weeks before the process starts to operate and kills the termites. Baiting is a powerful form of pest control that can also be applied in other ways, like barriers, to offer complete defense against these pests.

Soil treatments: Another popular technique involves injecting a termiticide into the soil surrounding a property. The effectiveness of soil treatments often lasts just a few months, necessitating frequent reapplication.

Our termite prevention features

  • If we discover a leak, we fix it right away.
  • We keep plants and other obstructions out of vents.
  • Make sure plants such as trees and shrubs are not placed too close to the building and prevent them from growing up against any exposed timber.
  • Steer clear of piling or storing fuel or wood trash close to the house.
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