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Cockroach Pest Control in Dubai

Cockroach Pest Control in Dubai

Are you looking for cockroach pest control specialists in Dubai? Leave the cockroaches alone Cockroaches can go nearly a month without eating—did you know that? Or that they are capable of going up to a week without water? Cockroaches are tough organisms that can endure practically any situation. Once they have contaminated your home, these persistent animals are difficult to get rid of. You must act right away if you are dealing with a cockroach infestation. Getting rid of these pests as soon as possible is critical since they might transmit diseases and taint your food. Are you looking for professional cockroach pest treatment in Dubai, then? With the help of Golden Touch Pest Control, say goodbye to cockroaches.

We have several techniques to get rid of cockroaches, including such as sprays, powders, gels, and bait systems. We also employ a less harmful chemical technique that is environmentally friendly. To get the best cockroach pest treatment in Dubai, don’t hesitate to call us! We’ll be pleased to assist you in getting rid of these bothersome animals.

Why Do You Need Services for Cockroach Control?

You need to be aware of your level of safety if you have cockroaches in your house. It would be best if you didn’t allow them to establish a colony inside your house since they can hurt you in a number of ways. They may grow and procreate swiftly. They can survive on minimal needs and like hiding. Cockroaches can:

  • Your food and documents are not secure.
  • They can also cut through paper and clothing.
  • Make your home unclean; Spread infections;
  • In certain people, they might cause allergies.
  • Cockroaches enjoy chewing on unattended food supplies.
  • Makes some people extremely uncomfortable and anxious.
  • Cockroaches will use any area of your home as a defecation location.

Here are some of our methods for eliminating these cockroaches that are briefly discussed: To eliminate cockroaches and their habitat, we first spray the contaminated area. Then, in the follow-up service after 21 days, we employ powder and gel in accordance with client requests. The government has approved and certified all of our premium chemicals and powders. Additionally, we offer a six-month warranty.

 1. Spraying of pesticides: A frequent method used by a cockroach pest control service in Dubai is pesticide spraying. Pesticides are sprayed onto the cockroaches’ chosen habitats utilizing this technique. The chemicals in the spray nearly instantly kill the cockroaches. The spray’s ingredients almost quickly kill the cockroaches. Spraying general pesticides is a simple and efficient technique to eliminate cockroaches. Professionals should do spraying of general pesticides to avoid pesticide-related health risks.

2. Powder therapy: Powder treatment involves killing cockroaches with pest control powder that has received official approval. Although powder treatment has a high success rate in eradicating cockroaches, the main worry is that it poses a health risk to both people and animals. Since the substance is dangerous, care should be used when handling it. Our skilled workers are capable of finishing this job without endangering their health. If you have any queries or worries regarding this procedure, please don’t hesitate to contact our office.

3. Gel Treatment: Looking for a novel and efficient cockroach pest control method? Try the gel treatment. Gel Treatment is the only solution! This ground-breaking gel treatment attracts cockroaches so they can consume its deadly components. Although it takes a little longer to kill them than with conventional insecticides, it will eventually destroy the entire colony from within. Additionally, it promises to rid your house of cockroaches in weeks. Therefore, if you’re sick of dealing with these bothersome bugs, try the Killer Gel Treatment; you won’t be sorry!


Common Cockroaches in UAE

Common Cockroaches in UAE

There are different types of cockroaches found in Dubai and Sharjah. So, you need to know about all of them:

The German cockroach is the most prevalent insect in Dubai. It is small and has a light brown hue. Because they enjoy eating foods heavy in carbs, such as bread and pasta, this cockroach is frequently seen in kitchens and restrooms. Sugar and oil are also attractive to them. It’s crucial to get rid of German cockroaches as soon as possible because they proliferate swiftly.

The American cockroach is another species that can be found in Dubai. Compared to the German cockroach, this one may grow to 4 inches. It has an oval-shaped, lengthy body that is reddish-brown in color. Due to their preference for eating damaged food, American cockroaches are frequently seen in commercial kitchens and restaurants. Additionally, they are drawn to wet areas like sewers and basements.

The Oriental Cockroach is the third species of cockroach that may be found in Dubai. This cockroach has a glossy body and is either black or dark brown. Oriental cockroaches are frequently discovered in moist areas like sewers, drains, and basements. Additionally, waste dumps and cans attract them.

The Asian Cockroach is the fourth species of cockroach that may be found in Dubai. This cockroach resembles the German cockroach in terms of size and appearance. However, it is dark brown or black. Asian cockroaches are frequently discovered outside in moist, shady places like gardens and trees. They are drawn to lights, so at night you might observe them fluttering about outside lighting.

How can cockroaches be avoided?

Food, water, and heat are all attractions for cockroaches. They look for these things inside dwellings through gaps and fissures. Seal these access points and make your home as uninviting to cockroaches as possible to prevent them.

-Keep food in airtight containers, and regularly get rid of rubbish.

-Repair leaks and maintain a clutter-free, tidy house.

-Light attracts cockroaches, so turn off the lights or use traps.